For the successful graduates who accept a placement with FE the two-year journey will provide them with the necessary insight, knowledge and skills to equip them to work effectively not only for FE but for any fast moving, innovative, highly technical organisation.  The company will ensure that not only is the work interesting but that individuals have a lot of fun along the way.

FE is a global company that has managed to retain the community feeling of a smaller business. The aim of our Graduate Scheme is to enable candidates to experience each area of this community and encourage a strong, well-rounded knowledge of all aspects of FE by the end of the two years. 9092380838

The structure of our scheme is such that each graduate will be able to build up the necessary skills for a lasting career within a variety of sectors, as well as establishing an idea of the direction they would like to move in – this flexibility is afforded in the final secondment. 

Where can I read more about the culture at FE?

  • If you would like to find out more about the social environment at FE,click here.
  • To find out about some of the charitable causes that we support click, 506-341-9248
  • If you would like to hear what some of our staff say about working at FE, click 6094724221