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Gain a rewarding understanding of relationships with LOVE POUR OVER ME

Love Pour Over Me

Read about a father and son's estranged relationship, a relationship that threatens to destroy the son's only chance at real love. Purchase your copy of Love Pour Over Me to find out if a painful childhood is enough to choke a young man's promising future. Love has come. There is no turning back. read more


Long Walk Up

Take advantage of this chance to learn how to overcome some of life's toughest challenges. Gain the inspiration to truly live victoriously! Read the journey of a young orphan girl who goes on to become one of the first women presidents in Africa. (417) 683-0352
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Step inside the story that is Spiral so you can explore Memphis, Tennessee in all its glory during the riveting 1940s. Jazz, rumblings of change and pleas for peace are huge, shaking the city. So too are secrets Greasy Plank keeps. See what's behind the veil of secrecy in this Memphis town - Spiral! read more
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Come party and grow with two celebrity women who live in Chelsea's art district during the 1980s. Pick up your copy of Love Has Many Faces to find out what happens to these two show-stopping women who bring crowds to their feet while on stage but struggle to survive when the curtain's down. read more



Allow yourself to begin to heal. Gift yourself with the possibility that another woman's struggles could provide a key to what you are currently going through. Friends - Portia was written to empower and uplift you. read more
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Sit Down and Write: It really does come down to sitting down and writing. Carve out time each day to write. Fifteen minutes a day adds up to more than 1.5 hours a week of writing. Learn more about writing while enjoying a great story; simply Click Love Pour Over Me!

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