Finding the right antidepressant.

World first understanding of how antidepressants reach the brain.

With advanced gene testing, we've figured out how readily antidepressants reach the brain.
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Clinical evidence.

We have the first positive RCT clinical trial. Evidence indicates gene guided treatment can double your odds of recovery.

Read the concordance study showing CNSDose has over 85% accuracy.

Latest News.

Texas Medical Center Announces $25 Million TMC Venture Fund

The Texas Medical Center, the largest medical complex in the world, today announced the TMC Venture Fund, a $25 million initiative designed to support technologies and early-stage companies to flourish in Houston’s health care ecosystem and further the TMC’s mission to advance health, education and research. read more

CNSDose: Better Depression Prescriptions Through DNA Testing

According to the latest research, one in six Americans takes a psychiatric drug. Of those prescribed, the overwhelming majority belongs to the category of antidepressants. Sadly, when it comes to the standard of care for an antidepressant prescription, finding the right drug and the right dose is largely a trial-and-error process. read more

Intermountain Precision Genomics Announces DNA Based Test To Personalize Prescribing Medication

Intermountain Precision Genomics Core Laboratory located in St. George, Utah announces the introduction of “RxMatch™”, a new service to all Intermountain Healthcare providers. This new service will enable physicians to implement personalized medicine when prescribing medications. 8453644138

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