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What are the benefits?

To all those who think to invest in a flash and want to make their purchase profitable by learning how it works. To all those who already have a flash, but leave it in the closet because they do not really know how to use it. To all those who are disappointed by the result of their cobra bought at a high price. To all those who use it in the evening and have a big white light in front and all black behind.

Who Should Attend ? This training is primarily for people who want to better understand how to treat a color photo. Often, the colorimetric tests that can be done on lightroom for example are discouraging because we get a weird skin tint or unattractive colors. By learning to educate your eye, especially with a better knowledge of complementary colors, you will more easily understand what choices to make for more harmonious colors. I will repeat it often during the training, it is your eye that must dictate most often what tool to use on lightroom or photoshop and with better knowledge, you will know more easily which colorimetric tool to choose and especially why.

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