Not sure how they say it?

We have all had that awkward moment when we don’t know how to pronounce a name! It’s embarrassing and kills the moment, before it even starts. We are here to solve that problem forever. Because names matter!


Voxifier is the biggest database of name pronunciations with thousands of names from various cultures and languages.


Our database includes thousands of highly used names in more than 10 languages with their pronunciations by a native speaker.


Our team of professional pronunciation specialists, rely on state-of-the art linguistic guidelines to make pronunciations easy to understand and repeat for the average English speaker.


Already available for use on Salesforce.com, our service can be easily integrated to any accounts management system.

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For Consumers

Better first impression

  • Browse thousands of name pronunciations from 10 different languages by native speakers. Download our App and instantly look up your contacts.
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For Small/Medium Businesses

Better account management

  • Bring your customer relationship to next level. Easily connect your SalesForce, Outlook or any other accounts management system to our database.
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For Large Enterprises

Better customer satisfaction

  • Your customers want more. Let them know you care by adding native name pronunciation to your capabilities.
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