Social Quotient Consulting

WHAT: We offer a variety of comprehensive services to help prepare young adults for college and employment.  Through person centered, individualized mentorships, our clients develop skills in the areas of Social Cognition, Executive Functioning, Self Regulation, and Adaptive Behavior that are necessary to achieve their social, interpersonal, educational and professional goals.

WHO: We specialist in working with young adults with Autism/Aspergers (ASD), Social Communication Disorder (SCD) and Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder (ADHD).

WHY: We have expectations about how people should behave. This is a difficult two way street – because this means others have the same expectations of us and whether or not we meet those expectations has implications for future success in personal, academic, and professional relationships. We live in a social world, where the ability of the person to organize him or herself to “fit in” is as important (if not more) than being the most competent or intelligent person.

The person who can identify the nuances of a social situation (no matter where it is) and adapt their behavior to “fit right in” is often more successful.

We hear from many college students that they were able to make it through the college admission process (often earning academic scholarships) but they were unable to successfully transition into the college setting AND stay, because they were not prepared for the social and adaptive behavioral expectations of their peers and professors.

This same experience has been echoed in the workplace where the qualifications for getting the job do not make up for the social intelligence required to keep the job.

Social Quotient Consulting coaches individuals through their specific needs.

WHERE: We come to you. Our services our based in an individual’s natural environment, whether it be the home, school, community or employment setting.