Old habits die hard.

Perhaps I could handle that.

Did you feel threatened?

Corey fired a warning shot.

How many purple flowers are there?

Nobody cares who Lorenzo hired for the job.

It's all over with poor Sean.

Those who love too much, hate in like extreme.


Moreover, what's on the bottom of the memo isn't dirt but a ... b-blood seal!?


I'm going to the United States tomorrow.

Dan was carrying a bag containing half a million dollars.

He does it faster than you.


The kiwi is a flightless bird of comparable size to the chicken.


I was very busy this week.


Randolph wasn't working for us at that time.

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I want to eat apple pie.


I would have liked that Dimitry succeeded.


Falafel is a good source of protein.

The room didn't have a single window.

I don't prefer to wear red lipstick.

I'd like to visit your country someday.

Orchids demand daily care.

What was the cost?

It's very important to us.

I am here.

He moved to Germany.

I don't want to risk our plan just because you are trigger-happy!

Her cardigan was unbuttoned.

He's now on the boat.

We're running short of food.


Get on over here.

Alexander didn't suffer.

Are you waiting for her?

Be nice to your mother.

The teacher gave a brief explanation.

This isn't my car.

Susumu was accused of falling asleep on guard duty.

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You are kind to come.

Let's play word associations.

Even having understood, it is a difficult theory to explain.


Once more than half of the disc of the Moon is illuminated, it has a shape we call gibbous.

Should this be allowed?

There's something I need to say.

What a marvelous day for a marriage.

She took the book back to the library.

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Please paint the door white.


This really is sad.


You're needed in the clinic.

We were going to play baseball.

"Clare, do you still love me?" "Of course, I do."

You've already drunk mummy's milk. Don't cry, please go sleepy-sleep.

Take the afternoon off if you want to.

Curtis didn't know how lucky he was.

Yesterday Ramsey gave me a book the cover of which was blue.

Do not touch the console or connected accessories during an electrical storm.

I'm tired already.

My family just moved here from Boston.

I think so.


She came down with a cold.

I find that it's best to find a happy balance between originality and sticking to a strict standard.

There's a fire upstairs.

She knows how to cook.

Even the human race will die one day.

I'm thinking.

She told us that the road was closed.

Can you give that to me?

There are dictionaries and dictionaries.

Do you hear that?

Can I have something hot to drink?

I think that girl cut her hair to give herself a new look.

What is good to do cannot be done too soon.

I'm not going to explain it to you again.

Just promise me that you won't do anything silly.

I can tell you don't have any children.

Valentine's Day is celebrated in February.


Shyam placed her purse on the table.


Hubert hasn't seen much of Michiel recently.


Even a baby would understand it.

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The blood quickly drained from her face.

Congratulations, you've just won a cruise to the Caribbean.

The Japanese are very cute and kind people.


I poured myself a glass of whisky.

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Father's bankruptcy was a blot on the family's reputation.

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We're not open yet.


Do you think you can handle a few minutes alone with Turkeer?

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Yoga can help you fight stress and stay fit and healthy.


You're the one who invited them.

What do you find attractive about her?

You'd better put aside some money for a rainy day.

With perseverance, even the snails boarded the ark.

I went to bed at one o'clock.


We will investigate the problem and deal with it as we see fit.

The whole town accorded a hearty welcome to the visitor.

Clyde is being blamed for it.

She made a quick adjustment to her new job.

How dare you speak like that?

I'll only be here for a few hours.

I'm doing okay.

Omar is shocked.

I want to get a divorce.

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I'll see what's keeping him.

Prakash and Fritz are still arguing.

I'm not the only one who can't stand the way Jos sings.

He is backward in science.

He's independently wealthy.

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I don't think Wayne knows anything.

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I liked them.


That tall man is Mr. Smith.


You won't beat me.


My opinion is the one that counts!

I'll try to be there by 2:30.

When did this custom start?

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In spring, everyone wakes up early.


Rise and shine, sleepyhead.

There's no need to exaggerate.

Randy was once again comatose.

Just get to work.

Why didn't you just punch him?

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You really have a passion for food.

Few people live to be a hundred.

You need to do what's right.

I would never be your wife.

One can't put that in words.

That doesn't happen.

Bradley is obviously disappointed that Cory isn't here.

We've come by the highway.

This room has two closets for clothing.

Are you sure you don't want to stick around a little bit longer?

Elizabeth didn't get out of bed until after noon.

Would you know a cheap hotel in the near?

In my opinion, he's right.

Saving lives feels great.

The inn was no better than a log cabin.


I'd have a problem with that.

It has stopped raining.

Have you read the book yet?

If we let those bastards get dug in now, we'll have to level the building.

I didn't want you to feel you were alone.

Blake is bigger than me.

Ofer signed a waiver.

How could I have forgotten?

We need to take Francois to the hospital.


That's not totally true.


My companion said that she was too tired to walk, let alone run.

The piano was made of beautiful, dark brown wood.

Kelvin certainly appeared to be enjoying himself.

Bring me my shoes.

Steve and Jane always walk to school arm in arm.


We were ready.


She blew out all eight of her birthday candles.

The baby weighed seven pounds, eight ounces.

Where do I come in?


It will be difficult to resist the temptation.


I spoke French to him.

I inferred from our conversation that he was unhappy with his job.

I saw the honey, but did not see the honeybees.


This river is not polluted.