Dan corroborated Linda's story.

The field was full of lavender flowers.

I tried to help him, but there was no way I could.

I think there's something wrong here.


That was pretty exciting.


Did you come by train?

I think this'll work.

What's Rajendra going to do with it?


I think we're going to need to put this project on the back burner for a little while.

As the children ran, they heard the sound of the broom sweeping the ground close behind them.

We were just unlucky.

I don't think anyone really expected you to be here.

Shirley was caught and killed by mercenaries.

We continued to talk.

It's starting to snow.

Rub potatoes with vegetable oil and place on the prepared baking sheet.

It is very impolite of them to decline her invitation.

I could hardly get a wink of sleep last night.

I can speak Chinese, but not write it.


Stop slagging off my brilliant idea, it's not naive at all!

Marilyn lives in Boston with his parents.

Win seems to have everything he needs.

The is mad about sport.

That was never there before.

This book is full of mistakes.

I've got a pass for the swimming pool.

There's nothing left to do.

They begged us to help them.

I've never been abroad before.

Freud developed the love-hate relationship between parents and child as the Oedipus complex.


We only use Spanish at home.

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Are you sure this is absolutely necessary?

We were out together.

I bought a pair of scissors.

Did your father hug you much when you were a kid?

Jonathan's car swerved into the river.


The arguments can be disruptive at work.


Maybe you can help me catch him.

I thank you for your gift.

The tragic news drove his mother mad.

Serbians and Brazilians really like soccer.

That sounds a little dangerous.


It was not hard to fit in at all. Everyone was very welcoming.

Who designed the White House?

After a hard day's work, a man can do with a good, hot meal.

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Pilot is good at cooking.

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I cannot argue with Taninna. She's my uncle's wife.

Yesterday was Saturday.

This is an institution for the criminally insane.

Please accept my sincere apologies for my impertinence.

Won't you play tennis tomorrow afternoon?

Good night, Mac!

She's a girl, but she's brave.


We must talk.


We've got a lot more work to do before we can go home.

Srikanth was a mercenary.

I've got inside information.

Hello, Chicago!

That doesn't count.

I'm Miles's ex.

I've got this little job I want you to do.

Divide the cake among the three of you.

Won't you have some tea?

Then Jesus came from Galilee to the Jordan to be baptized by John.

How did all this start?

We were in the third row from the front.

I thought they found Ginny.

I told them we were friends.

I didn't mean them.

Ding, ding! It's the right answer!

I can except no one from the rules.


Be sure to pay for getting me to show you this video on your way out.

If I'm late, I'll call.

Does anybody know where Russell is?

May I have a receipt?

Then she hurried home.

I got lucky.

A woman thinks of everything in terms of money.

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In France, its birthplace, Tatoeba became a cultural and social phenomenon.

You can tell Tait really wants it.

I was trying to be quiet.


The elevator doesn't work anymore since yesterday.

Rand is a software developer.

It's foolish for you to swim when it's this cold.

Don't they have anyone to look after them?

I decided to be happy because it's good for my health.

Roman seems to be worried about something.

The actor had a dispute with his director.

Don't you hate it when they do that?

The day of decision is at hand.


The makeup of Mideast peace talks may change due to a change of heart on the part of Israel.


Many software companies offer free versions of their products, albeit with limited functionality.

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Come and give it a try.


Are you sure she doesn't have a boyfriend?

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Curtis couldn't persuade Sally to stay.


He doesn't have much money.

A friend of mine is looking for someone who speaks French.

They can understand everything I'm saying.

I keep a diary in French.

Don is doing exceptionally well.


When do you want to go?


That's discouraging.

The chain of crimes are thought to have been committed by the same man.

I can't live on ten thousand yen a month.


While I was waiting for the streetcar, I witnessed a traffic accident.

The maximum speed reached by the vehicle was 5 kilometers per hour.

Some people like cats, and others prefer dogs.


Is that all you can talk about - the Internet?

He was so stupid as to tell a lie that might easily be found out.

Tell Archie I don't know where he parked his car.

A stranger living nearby is better than a relative living far away.

I'd like a Manhattan.

Sue told Maarten not to be late again.

This county is poor in natural resources.

Monica was a stock broker.

That small star is the brightest.

Klava is bidding farewell to her husband.

He's a little rusty.


The evidence is clear.

I don't want you to tell them.

We're trying to track Vicki down.

Peach trees require lots of sunshine.

Women had little choice in the past.

I had a conversation with him.

You don't have to go with her.

She didn't tell me her secret.

Two's company, three's a crowd.

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Merril used to work as a bellboy at a hotel.

You live inside my heart.

I think I can explain this.

I wasn't honest with him.

There's one last thing that needs to be done.

He criticised the destructive power of financial markets.

Stories often have happy endings.

I usually eat out.

What were you two doing there anyway?

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I'm the youngest one at my job.

Her viewpoint is limited.

I hope you'll find what I'm searching for.

Kristen may not want to do that, but he should.

They were erected to commemorate a certain event or to tell an ancestral legend.

He had decided on a new policy.

I'm disgusted and disappointed.


Speaking in French is fun.

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What kinds of goods do you sell in your shop?

Celia never got on the plane.

Everett had intended to buy flowers for Skip, but he forgot to.

Lots of companies have implemented an eight-hour working day.

I can't call the cops on Triantaphyllos.

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I lay down to rest.

Do you take MasterCard?

He said, "I'm trying too much, but I don't achieve any success."

You're doing all you can.

She put down her pen.

If you need me to, I'll help you.

The policeman signaled me to stop.

Our problems are nothing compared to Tad's.

I want to give Billy this.

I suppose I'd better phone Vince.

I think Boston is one of the most expensive places in the world to live.

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I can't get used to her.

He got in for Chester.

All the kids lined up to have their faces painted.

That's very thoughtful of you.

Please tell me Stewart is OK.

Sons of God, we are divine seeds. One day, we will be what our Father is.

"I don't know anything about their plans" he said.