We're looking for our passports.

I've never been an intellectual but I have this look.


Mott is looking into the situation.

Donn told a very funny joke.

It was an offer I couldn't refuse.

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I recognized your voice right away.

I just banged my head on something.

His wooden instruments were primitive even for his time.

Does this metal absolutely have to be tempered?

She was noted for her good looks at school.

What do you suggest we do?

Your jewelry is very beautiful.

You should not keep people waiting.

His dream has realized.

He's still gotta overcome major difficulties.

Winston sat cross-legged on the floor in front of the TV.

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Eva believed that nothing bad could happen to him.

He can touch the ceiling.

I only meant to scare her.


What would the advantages be?

She helps the Mackintosh boy.

Rice is sold by the kilogram.


We will not tolerate anyone who engages in terrorism.

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I may go to Boston tomorrow.


The police will go into the case.

I want to travel all over the world.

It could work.

These chemicals may affect bees.

Only a wonder can help us now.

I've heard that French is a difficult language.

It was difficult.

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How about I buy you a drink?


They trust me.

I caught sight of her in the crowd.

Ross didn't call me last night.

Page isn't contributing.

Why are these people in here?

I brought something that I want to give you.

How could anyone not like music?

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He is not the person these people think he is.

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Emma agreed to participate in the robbery.


Elizabeth started that.

It is true he has a good fast ball, but he is often wild.

It is no less than two hours' walk from here.

What a fool I was to lend him the money.

I can not tell if it will rain tomorrow.

He goes there at 6 p.m.

Himawan tends to speak quite fast.

I've never seen you cook. Can you cook anything at all?

It was a gamble.

Both spellings are correct.

The less I work, the less I want to work.

Combat soldiers during peaceful moments like to reminisce of their halcyon days.

You are, so to speak, a fish out of water.

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Barbra received beautiful flowers from her son.

You're in bad shape.

I have one in the car.

Organize what you have found.

You were supposed to read Chapter 14. That was your homework over the weekend.


The new model was larger, faster and more refined than its predecessor.

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I want to see Native Americans in Brazil.

I don't know where you're from, and neither does he.

The biologist is proud of his historic discovery.

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We think you're right.

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Sandip became conscious.

It'll be hard to convince her.

There is only one book on the desk.


I'm not used to staying up late at night.

He attends the same school that I do.

What does Tigger see in Spyros?

Anne doesn't know the difference between an Austrian and a German.

I came, didn't I?

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I have never had my picture taken with a Mexican zebra.


Sandy is still at Harvard, isn't he?


Early rising is with him a matter of course.

I've been in Boston since 2013.

That's what I've been trying to tell you.

This pair of lovers were carrying on an ardent correspondence.

Pat is the kind of guy you just can't hate.

The pianist played a trick on the audience.

His friends called him Santa Claus; and those who were most intimate ventured to say, "Old Nick."

We must do this ourselves.

I told you Wade was a smart guy.

The doctor would not take any gifts from the poor.

I just gave Jose a drink about three minutes ago.

Japan has a high population density.

They know the situation.


Don't worry. I promise I'll do what you ask.

I suggest you discuss that with Collin.

Norman didn't sound as excited as Lin.

Nadeem is getting ready for bed.

Can you remember this game?

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Please don't take pictures here.

I left.

I assume that's a joke.

Mr Tamura succeeded in the business world.

We painted the house once, then we went over it again.

What's your explanation?

So that Michelangelo might paint certain figures on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, so that Shakespeare might write certain speeches and Keats his poems, it seemed to me worthwhile that countless millions should have lived and suffered and died.

They swam across the bay.

The scene of the murder was too terrible to describe.

She just sat down to lunch.

This is the strangest thing I've ever done.

I'll be free tonight

I was with you every step of the way.

We can't make people donate to charity.

Kristi was dressed casually.


I hate everything about him.

Why would anybody kidnap Joni?

I like swimming.

Would that the trees might wish to speak, instead of only making noise all the time.

The outlook is grim.


Not many survive this disease.

This sentence is obsolete.

The publishers of that newspaper are very liberal.

We have each other.

My father insisted on our waiting for the train.

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Ira predicted that would happen.

I can't leave him behind.

The car stopped completely immobile.

Israel thinks Jelske will never come back to Boston.

Your sacrifice won't go unnoticed.


His head was wagging, as he crossed the street, while gazing at the girl behind him.

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We're still waiting for Socorrito.


The problem of many language teachers is that they underrate new technologies in their teaching methods.


What was her talk about?

You sell shoes, don't you?

After Janice had eaten all the popcorn in the bowl, he went back into the kitchen to pop some more.


Neal isn't crying anymore, but he's still obviously still upset.

Even tough it's such a big garden, it would be wasted if we let it get overrun with weeds.

Clay succeeded in finding a new job in Boston.

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Not everyone enjoyed it.

If you push the button, the door will open.

Here's a letter to you from Matt.

Without air we would die.

You could be right, I suppose.

I got there just in time.

You're really confusing me.

Everyone saw what happened.

Donald chose to ignore Luis's comment.

I haven't been doing this for very long.

Don't cut young trees.


When the striker completed a hat-trick, the crowd cheered so loudly they could be heard half a mile away.

A beautiful woman was seated one row in front of me.

Have you ever ridden a mule?

She speaks Hebrew with her mother and Polish with her father.

He likes not only baseball but football.

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Nobody called them.


If you ask Serdar, he'll help.

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Brandon is definitely up to something.

What am I missing here?

We're not watching.

Raymond had no one but himself to blame.

Has a change in ocean currents occurred?

I know it'll take a while.

Don't say such a thing.

Be careful! The step might give under your weight!

You've made me feel a lot better.


It is very important to tell the necessary from the unnecessary.

I'm a little bit insecure.

It's impossible to fix it.

The doctor says you're going to need a lot of rest.

That guy over there doesn't even look like Piete.