Father is cooking dinner in the kitchen now.

Werner pulled his gun out of its holster.

He doesn't do it.

I'm seeing Jong again on Monday.

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The spell was broken and the pig turned into a man.


It is easy to learn a foreign language.


He also promised a strong foreign policy.

I would very much like the place where I live to be less polluted.

The town is an industrial community.


We spent time together in Boston.


What a tall boy he is!

If I die, I want to die a virgin.

We can't let this continue.

Jitendra doesn't have time to talk to you.

I've got to help him.

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I didn't know who I should give it to.

By the time you get there, it will be nearly dark.

Earle can't be that mean.

Kristian grabbed his coat and headed for the door.

You're persistent, aren't you?

Ouch! My finger got caught in the door.

I think you should buy your own.

How did you know I failed my French test?

This is a pretty good book.

There are few apples in the basket.

I have to go up to our room and I forgot my key.

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She does not smoke.

Who locked the door?

Please give me something cold

I bought a new hard drive.

I know that Nicholas isn't stupid.

It will be far better if there were some pretty girls.

He held out his hand and I took it.

Caroline wants to know when we're going to Boston.

I won't write a letter in English.

During the day it is warmer than at night.

I think you're going to want to see this.

The cake is shaped like a tree.

She weighs more than 80 kg.

He has a flower in his hand.

Case slammed the door in my face.


I don't think it's safe for you to do that.

Meehan is clearly lost.

Nobody wants to do it, but one of us has to.

You learn a lot about your own country if you live abroad.

I'm a huge fan of trains.


I bought a newspaper.

Skef leaned against a tree and started to talk to it about his marriage.

A good book is a great companion.

I thought I told you to stay in your room.

I think you should meet Kenton.

State your full name for the record.

You can smoke here.


You're going to be a beautiful bride.

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I want to become smarter.

After drinking all night, Bob was dead to the world.

What's your niece's name?

Dimetry told me Mark wouldn't want to play volleyball with us.

I won't let him go there.


He shan't go there.

I'm thinking of having dinner at 5.

I'll do that for sure.

She cared for her sick mother.

I'll see Chris tomorrow morning.


We've known this for a long time.

My train left at six and arrived at ten.

Price's speech was really interesting.

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What is 5814 rounded to the nearest thousand?

Edward is junior to Robert.

The telephone is essential to modern life.

My watch is made of gold.

Now look at that.

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The entire world is a very narrow bridge. The important thing is to fear nothing.

I'm glad you like my present.

This is going to hurt a bit.

Vladimir had a crush on Petr when he was in junior high school.

You should try reading the articles and not just the headlines.

They all knew.

We saw the traces of a bear in the snow.

She can't stop us.

Dorothy realized it was time to leave.


Since when have there been fireworks?

The prison is heavily guarded.

Meg sometimes annoys Ken.

Vishal is the best carpenter I know.

Where were you on the night Julian was murdered?

He spoke too fast for the student.

He has a will of steel.

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Both Elisabeth and Margot plan to study music in Boston.

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Nick made Alice a new dress.

I don't understand a fucking thing.

What he did was nothing less than madness.

I think this language is so beautiful and involving!

I want to do this as quickly as I can.


Van uses public transportation.

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Mozart: one of the great musical prodigies of all time.

Do you see why this is a problem?

Out of my way!

We've practiced long enough.

The boy cried what a tall building it was.

The first baseman tagged the runner out.

What would I do if something happened to you?


Fiction is as old as fairy tales and myths.

I cannot forbear expressing my doubts.

We are still unaware of the criminal's motives.

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I know all about that stuff.

Sorrel is watering his garden.

You're not taking it, are you?

In some cases, emeralds can be worth more than diamonds.

Bring a bucket of apples.

I wish I had noticed earlier.

He is a man of virtue.

I'll have one hamburger, and may I have more water please?

The armored glass is made of a super-resistant material, distributed in layers.


He knows who we are.

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He wants to be with me.


Mariou will go home.


Micah was given unrestricted access.

Lee was frank.

I haven't found anything yet.

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I still think we should've gone to Boston with Malcolm.

I looked everywhere.

They had had that problem before.


This river flows all the way to New Orleans.

I'm not up for it.

Do you really think this is going to work?

I'm starting college in a couple of months.

We're close.


It was very foggy.


Did you want to show me something?

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This train gets to Chicago at 9 o'clock tonight.

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I want to play tennis with Judy.

Mickey wants a new car.

My sister is younger than you.


I failed in finding his house.

They won't understand.

You are in Boston.

Loren has decided to stay in Boston.

I'm not sure why I even have a Facebook.


I'm not discouraged.

Tell them that I'm ready.

It was Sonja who first suggested that we hire Damone.

I'll do what I want.

I'm furious with them.

Sri is three years younger than Carter.

I'm worried about that.

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Judaism is not the opposite of Christianity.


This is the place where the accident was.

We were the first to arrive.

My mother is busy planting flowers in the garden.


The Japanese's basic diet consists of rice and fish.

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Simon might help you if you ask him politely.


Don't give him any ideas.

You need to take responsibility for what you've done.

His wife is our Italian teacher.


Then, while saying this, the memories of the men who had seduced her, her husband's colleague who had approached her as if it were a joke, the section chief with whom she had held hands, her relative who she had tried to kiss while she was drunk, shined as if projected upon a broken mirror.


Who's the first to die?

Keep the meter running.

Where are you? I am in the garden.