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Every new SupTip creator will get their first $250 earned free of fees. You keep our cut, we cover the transaction fees.
How We Work
SupTip strives to fill the gap created by the ever changing field of creator support. With other sites becoming volatile and greedy in their practices, we aim to bring things back to how they were, and keep them that way.

We take our 5% cut to keep things rolling. This helps pay for servers, bandwidth, and the manpower to keep everything in working order.

We reserve another 10% for transaction fees. This covers things like the Paypal and Stripe fees to transfer money from the supporters to the creators.

If the transaction fees are lower than the 10% reserved, you keep the extra, not us! If we can't lump the extra back into that payment, it'll get added to the next payout pool.
Average transaction fees come out to about 4-6%. ~2-3% each way.

However, if the transaction fees are for some reason MORE than the 10% reserved, it comes out of OUR cut first! Unless something goes horribly horribly wrong, creators shouldn't ever get less than 85% of the money donated to them!
Don't just support Creators, but also support Charitable Organizations!
We have special rules for charities like {examplecharity} or {examplecharity}.
See all Charitable Organizations!
  • Charities are not required to have rewards for support.
    (ex. thank you letters, names in credits, etc)
  • Charities are not required to keep regular updates to stay active.
  • Charities keep our cut. Period. We don't beieve in profiting from a non-profit.
  • We keep track of all charitable donations and send you the appropriate tax information at the end of the year.
We also have plans to cover all transaction fees for charitable donations, but our current coffers won't allow us to waive these fees (yet!).
Nothing is hidden, nothing is secret. Everything we do is out in the open from the amount of money being donated to the amount of fees being paid.
Users and creators alike will have their say on any changes we plan to make.
Goals & Options
We have two basic goal options available for creators to utilize
Monthly Recurring One-Time Donation
Monthly recurring charges at the beginning of every month. Donate to a good cause, tip your favorite creator, or help someone reach a goal.
Supporter Protection
Anyone can create an account and start collecting from supporters immediately, however, new accounts may not cash out unless the account is verified.

Verified accounts are easy to spot. On the browse listings and on their user page will be a verification symbol next to their name, indicating that we have had contact with them to verify their identity.

This is done to protect name brands and social identities from people attempting to use their name to scam income from people thinking they're donating to their favorite writer or youtuber.

For this reason, unverified accounts will not be able to cash out their earnings for 90 days (3 months) after starting their Creator page unless they verify the account.

Supporters can rest assured that the person they're giving their money to IS the person they claim to be, or we'll send 100% of the money right back if the account is found to be fraudulent in those 90 days.
No fees, no charges, no risk.
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