Our Imagination is Our Only Limitation

We have long sought a game where we are limited only by our imagination. A game where we can outsmart the game, and yet the game evolves to continue to challenge us. A place where we can play with our friends and make new ones. Where as we learn each other tactics we form a team that can take on heights previously unimagined. Now that game is a reality, and free.

With the tables we need to respond quickly to new content to add flavor to your campaign, The Incarnate System does the leg work so you don’t have to.


Why Player’s Want It

Why GMs Need It

Incarnate-System: Content Summary

As to what the Incarnate System is, it is a way to rapidly respond to players decisions as well as an assistant for world building. It also dives into effect coding and automation that makes it easier for new players to get started. The system is pretty big, but subdivided to aid in updates and stability.

CoreRPG Items

Incarnate-Foundation is the foundation of the whole project. This CoreRPG module is rule-set neutral, yet can generate lore for most campaigns. Your players walk into the bar and ask to speak to more people in the room than you have? Pop up the npcs by background cheat sheet and choose an occupation you like (smith, noble, city guard, or 56 more) and click generate. Don’t feel inspired? Click the table at the top and roll a random background. The generation will give you personality, bond, flaw, ideal, race, name, and physical description. From there let your imagination soar.

The Foundation also does Buildings, Chase scenes, dungeons, npcs by race, plants, and organizations. It is planned to expand it so it can handle Quests, Rooms in a Building, and special locations (like towers, forts, monasteries, pyramids, etc.)

Incarnate-BattleMaps has hundreds of simple battle maps to fight on. They may not be intricate or detailed, but if you are on a budget they are free. They are also sorted by tables allowing you to roll a random map in a terrain. These tables make it so that other modules (like Incarnate-5eBattles) place a random map under certain circumstances or are pernamently linked (like cities in Incarnate-Penolia).

Incarnate-Penolia is a lore neutral world that is perfect to write your own lore on top of. The explorer’s guild has some ideas on what is going on, but your world will likely look completely different.

If you are running Incarnate-Foundation, Incarnate-5eExpansion and Incarnate-5eBattles you can (and I have for the past 8 months) run 0 prep games based entirely on randomly generated content. We hope to expand this level of functionality to other rulesets in the future, but that depends entirely on what the community posts they want and what they vote for.

Incarnate-Syrinscape allows the native playing of Syrinscape sounds without any extensions. Some links from here are placed by generators elsewhere (like a random Tavern Ambiance whenever you generate a Tavern), others are linked directly to items and spells in the Expansions (so your acid splash actually sizzles and you can hear your staff hitting). For any of this to work you will need syrinscape with at least the adventure path /syrinscape.com/subscriptions/1-adventure-path/ which costs $12.99 every two months. If playing online, you will also need a way to pipe the sounds to the other players at the table, such as the free voice meter banana /www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/banana.htm


The above should work in any CoreRPG ruleset. The following are custom expansions that will only work in a specific ruleset. New expansions will be done based on public demand voting here: 9165190024

Incarnate-5eExpansion holds the bulk of the rule sensitive information. This includes Backgrounds (languages, features, skills), Classes, Effect Coding, Feats, Items, Pregenerated Characters, Races (ability score increase, languages, and other features), and Spells. This setup has been streamlined to aid in Player Character creation by having effect coding linked. For example, Barabrian’s Rage feature starts with “Action Coding” then has a pin for the effect coding that can be dropped into the actions tab then has “Description” followed by the description. Backgrounds have premade parcels that can be dropped into the inventory and classes have choice lists that summarize the properties of the items and gives pins to drop your choice into the inventory.

Incarnate-5eForge has thousands of pre-generated magic items. From your “Adamantine Longsword of Dragon Slaying” to your “Dancing Shield of Fire Resistance” there are tons of items with effect coding. This section is not perfect and is scheduled for revision when I get an extra week to redo it.

Incarnate-5eBattles contains an enhanced bestiary, prebuilt combats, a random encounter generator by CR and terrain and a bunch more. This is currently in beta testing and is still a long way from being able to be released, but is pretty good at lower levels (the System Reference Document does not have enough beasts for high level play, so I’m getting to write a lot more to “enhance” the bestiary. This is slow going and is going to take a while.
The Great: It can handle true random encounters from CR 1/8-30 in all terrain types
The Okay: The higher level CRs tend to clump together a hoard of small stuff instead of having cool big stuff to throw at you.
The Future: The long term goal here is to add hundreds of new beasts to fill out the bestiary and allow for interesting encounters of all difficulties. This will take many months if not years, so I’ve released it as a “beta”. It works but it desires more content.


This project uses information from the System Reference Document under the Open Gaming License /dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/systems-reference-document-srd, the DanDwiki (heavily re-balanced as much of it was originally broken, yet they have great ideas) under the GNU Free Document Licnese (319) 537-3550 and content that I have personally written. Information from the other two sources are provided as “copy left” material at the bottom of the download page here: /www.incarnategamingllc.com/download/#CopyLeft as well as inside of Incarnate-5eExpansion’s Reference Manual.