Spring Wind Products for External Use

Products for external use are divided into Skin Care Products and Products for Muscles and Joints. All of our products are drawn from the traditional medicine of China. They are made with natural ingredients. We do no animal testing and use no petroleum products or parabens in production. With the exception of beeswax, our products contain no animal substances. Please see the menus to the left to explore our products.

We welcome you to our web site. On this portion of our site we offer products that we feel are appropriate for sale to the general public. Please register for our site by filling out the 4197591349. If you have already registered then please sign in at the login below.

Practitioners and Acupuncture Students please create an account using the (567) 742-3858 and after we verify your credentials we will send you an email detailing how to log in to our practitioner website where you will find practitioner-only products and practitioner pricing. Acupuncture students, please note that you must send us your student ID or other proof of attendence at a qualified institution so that we can verify your account.