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  • High Frequency RF Product in Test Area

    Excellence in Connectivity Solutions

    • Connov Provide high frequency rf product such rf connectors, adapters, cable assembly and terminations from DC to 65GHz. We have strong technical capabilities, advanced corporate culture, dynamic business strategy, and excellent service, all of which have established the foundation for our success, We hope to develop and grow with collaborators!
  • High Frequency Cable Assembly from Connov

    Reliability Performance

    • Connov High Frequency Assembly DC from 18GHz to 40GHz, they are samll and flexible, we are not only insure the reliability performance but also let them handle easily.
  • Test Equipment from Connov

    VNA from Connov

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Company profiles
CONNOV is a company specialty in design and manufacture of precision RF/Microwave coaxial connectors, adapters, terminations for military & commercial applications.
We strive for low producing cost, high technical support and fast service procedure in order to after the best pricing, highest quality and “CONNOV” service.
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