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Primitive Conifer (Araucariaceae Family)



** One would have to go through a lot of piles of slices over many years (believe me, we have!) to find anything from Madagascar that has this great pattern and this diversity of great watercolors.  As much as there is on the market from this country, they are not often this collectible.  We hasten to add that this specimen was polished by a professional lapidary in the USA, not the one swipe across the sandpaper that is usually the characteristic of wood polished in-country in Madagascar prior to export.  So, you can be proud of this gorgeous display piece.

5.5” x 3.5” on polished face; 7/16” thick slab   $55

Conifer   (Pinales Order)

Biyadh Sandstone Formation Middle Cretaceous

Jabal Mikhyat, near Ar Rimayah, Saudi Arabia

** Collected several decades ago by an oil geologist working in Saudi Arabia. There is just enough preservation that we could find some tracheids and determine that this was a conifer.  There simply is not a lot of wood from the Middle East on the American market so we were happy to get this one to offer.  This is a locality almost guaranteed to be unrepresented in most American collections!  If that includes yours, then here’s an opportunity to fill that void.

7” x 5” on the polished face; 5/8 inch thick slab   $150

Palaeosmunda williamsii

Upper Permian Coal Measures

Blackwater, Queensland, Australia

** Neat little slabs!  Fossil wood sites out of the Permian, whether fern or conifer, are fairly scarce worldwide.  After The Brazilian material (Araguaina) and the German material (Chemnitz), the list of localities gets very slim very quickly – Blackwater QLD is one of the short list localities.  This transverse section from the “false trunk” is a slice of an ancient ancestor of today's family of Osmundaceae Family plants. (Note that the prefix spelling of this species follows the Australian "Palaeo," rather than the American version of "Paleo.") The spirally-arranged leaf traces get larger toward the outside of the trunk. This attractive specimen has colorful pale blue agate emphasizing those frond traces! The increasing number of fronds sprouting out of the crown of the fern tend to "push" the older fronds outward and create what is known as a "false-trunk."


Modern Osmundas are temperate-zone ferns that have large masses of sporangia that ripen uniformly at the same time to a showy golden color.  Since the ferns look as if they are in flower during this state, the genus is sometimes called the "flowering ferns."

Specimen on left:  3” x 1.5” on polished face; 1/4” thick slab  $30

Specimen on right: 3” x 2/5 on polished face; 1/4” thick slab  $32

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