CSA Acquired by Automation Plus

After 18 years of supporting our clients’ needs and being an integral part of their automation success stories, CSA is very excited to turn the page to a new chapter and future.  On September 13, 2018, Complete Systems Automation was acquired by Automation Plus, a Plus Group Company, headquartered in Cincinnati, OH. View full story here.

Engineering Your Advantage

Complete Systems Automation is a veteran team of elite engineers adept at automation systems integration, migration, and optimization. Major manufacturers and municipalities contract us for superior custom solutions for their industrial and critical infrastructure operations. They recommend and return to us because they understand the value of an automation company run by engineers who are a little obsessive, who optimize for their peak performance, and who won’t leave until we have engineered their greatest advantage.

“We chose CSA in part because their proposal was so comprehensive and detailed. They had all the capabilities they promised, and the people they brought in showed real buy-in to the overall success of the project. The migration went smoothly, and we got good value.”

Mike BizzarroPlant Manager, Middletown678-966-5512

Comprehensive, Custom, and Complete

Where the big-name automation companies give you “good enough” automation packages, we pay attention to the finer details and custom-design the best solution for you. Where they focus on making the big sale to management, we also work closely with operations and get to know the people running the plant floors. And when they think the job is done, we stick around, test, refine, test some more, optimizing everything until the job is truly complete.

For the sake of our clients’ success and repeat business, we won’t leave until all processes are working perfectly. For our own satisfaction, we’re unwilling to work any other way.


Synthesis and blending processes automated for efficiency, safety, and effortless compliance. Read more.

Life Sciences

Production, purification, and qualification of pharmaceuticals optimized for quality assurance and approval. Read more.

(301) 401-7000

Production, blending, and storage of oil, gas and biofuels, engineered for safety and efficiency. Read more.

“Because CSA does so much industrial control system software development for older vintage and newer state of the art control systems, they’ll point out to us areas of legacy software that need our attention. They’ve seen it all, and they recognize when a previous contractor has patched something with a temporary fix that might cause problems later on. They’re as obsessive as we are about production, security, and safety, so they partner with NexDefense to makes sure it gets fixed right.”

Matt MorrisVP, Product & Strategydaktylos

Success Stories

Pilot Chemical Company: Control System Migration

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Pilot Chemical Company’s main sulfonation plant used two major control systems to run their process. One half of the process was controlled by Emerson's DeltaV DCS, and the other was controlled by a network of Rockwell’s PLC -5s and Intellution’s®…

(740) 661-1806

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Initial Configuration: Making a Good First Impression Back in 2002, the rising number of people living with diabetes was increasing the global demand for injectable insulin. To meet this growing need, Eli Lilly built a brand new facility in…

Johnson & Johnson: Inox Dryer Optimization

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Johnson & Johnson wanted to improve the operability of their Inox dryers with a control system that offered better control and flexibility. So they called on CSA to optimize their existing RS3 to Allen Bradley PLC5 interface. We did a…
(484) 506-1375

BASF: DSX Polyurethane Plant

, ,
BASF needed a North Carolina plant to produce DSX® 1514/1550 polyurethane. The process is complex, requiring advanced automation procedures, so they called in CSA. To produce DSX® polyurethane, which gives latex better hiding power in brush…

(855) 391-5288

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A major Care Chemicals plant wanted to convert its existing Rosemount RS3 distributed control system to Emerson’s DeltaV DCS while expanding into a new process area. The existing area would remain with conventional I/O while the new process…


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Baxter Healthcare had two plants with control systems running versions of DeltaV that were very outdated. One plant was running version 7.3 and the other 8.3. Baxter wanted them both upgraded to version 11.3. However, direct migration to 11.3…

(903) 333-1432

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In order to meet a high sales forecast, BASF needed a new 24-million pound-per-year defoamer production facility in North Carolina... and they needed it up and running in less than 10 months. So they called in CSA to get the job done right and…

Baxter Healthcare: Desflurane Plant Expansion

, ,
Baxter Healthcare wanted to increase production of desflurane at their Puerto Rican facility in order to meet global market demand for this popular surgical anesthetic. Quality control was, of course, just as important as making a swift transition…

Baxter Healthcare: Sevoflurane Plant Expansion

, ,
Baxter Healthcare wanted to increase the capacity of an existing pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. The plant produces sevoflurane, an inhaled anesthetic particularly popular in pediatric surgery. Quality control was imperative, and high…


, ,
In order to increase its North American production of specialty esters, BASF (formerly Cognis Corporation) planned to build a new $14 million ester production facility in South Carolina. The centerpiece of this planned facility was a new high-temperature…

BASF: Meeting EPA Mandates with SIS Electrical and Controls Design

, ,
In order to meet EPA safety requirements, BASF needed to install a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) and an associated safety instrumented system (SIS) in their North Carolina plant. They called on CSA to design the control system and make…

City of West Palm Beach, Florida: Automating Water Flow and Dosing Control

, ,
The City of West Palm Beach's Water Treatment Plant still relied on manual operations to control chemical dosing and pumping. We teamed up with Innovative Control, Inc. to completely redesign the plant's control system for advanced, automated…

BASF: Automated Quality Prediction with Near-Infrared Analyzers

, ,
BASF reached out to us to develop a Process Analytical Chemistry (PAC), custom software that automates testing critical process parameters with near-infrared (NIR) analyzers. BASF liked the results so well that we recently installed the custom…

VTTI: New Automated Fuel Storage Facility

, ,
We implemented UNI Engineering’s design for VTTI’s Seaport Canaveral Terminal, a new fuel storage facility for gasoline and blending agents. The system included all tanks, 110-foot marine loading arms, a six-bay truck rack system, and four…

City of St. Lucie, Florida: Designing a Better Water and Wastewater Control System

, ,
Background St. Lucie West Services District (SLWSD) is a water/wastewater and irrigation water services provider located within the incorporated limits of the City of Port St. Lucie, Florida. SLWSD was created in 1989 to support a planned…

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Automation Plus


After 18 years of supporting our clients’ needs and being an integral part of their automation success stories, CSA is very excited to turn the page to a new chapter and future. On September 13, 2018, Complete Systems Automation (CSA) was…

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CSA is batting 10 for 10. We've successfully completed our tenth DCS migration project in the last ten years, and once again the customer is very pleased with the results. Pilot Chemical Company hired CSA to migrate two of their primary continuous…

CSA Installs Near-Infrared Analyzer Automation in 6th BASF Site

CSA assisting BASF’s Dr. Richard Crews has recently installed a Near Infrared (NIR) software application in BASF’s Geismar, Louisiana facility. This marks the sixth successful installation of a process analytical chemistry (PAC) software application that…

CSA Earns Gold Level Certification for Inductive Automation's Ignition Platform

CSA is proud to announce we achieved Gold Level Certification as system integrators for Inductive Automation's Ignition, a streamlined and highly configurable HMI SCADA platform. Inductive Automation's certification program identifies and…

CSA Announces Strategic Partnership with NexDefense

CSA is proud to announce its strategic partnership with NexDefense, an elite firm of cybersecurity engineers who specialize in automation control security and process integrity. Atlanta-based NexDefense protects critical infrastructure and defense…

Oyster Roast and Crawfish Derby Raise Money for Friends of Disabled Adults and Children

For the second year in a row, CSA supported Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC) in its mission to provide wheelchairs, hospital beds, and other durable medical equipment to people with disabilities. CSA is a sponsor and participant in…

“The team at Complete Systems Automation was a big reason for the success of [the operator training facility]. There were very few issues, which was amazing for a project of this size, but they were quick to resolve them and left the client with a great product.”

Mike KaiserDe Dietrich Process System