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We specialise in helping Small to Medium Sized Businesses get the support they need for their
Computer Systems, Servers and Network Infrastructure.
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End your Computer and Network Support Hangover in 2018 with Essential I.T. Solutions! We will help you end your Computer Headaches for free.
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Make your Computer Headaches a thing of the Past!
Our Microsoft Certified Engineers can assist transforming your business requirements to a flexible, robust I.T. Infrastructure you can depend on.

"I just wanted to say thanks to you guys at Essential IT my Business is still running,
If it wasn’t for you we might have lost the contents of our server and for us it
would have been the end. You are Truly Life Savers, Thank You! I Still can’t believe
That our previous IT support company had failed to configure the Backups correctly.
Thank Goodness we now have you!


All the Best for the Future and Thanks Again"

   -Communications Company, Toronto