He drew a straight line with his pencil.

You couldn't give me the money I asked for.

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I want to hear what Jill thinks.

Do you need it again?

This work is by no means easy.

I hope we didn't keep you waiting.

Vinod didn't like his sandwich.


Why don't you just sit down here?


Supporting his family was a great burden for him.


Major cleaned his room.

When she looked, the men were building the way.

There was a seal on the shore.


Rathnakumar was the only one without enough money for the trip.

They assigned the task to us.

They haven't learned anything.

Benjamin didn't call Neville from Boston.

That wasn't it.

Let's just go see him.

Rod's shoes are dirty.

Josh intends to play tennis tomorrow afternoon with Jarmo.

He never forgets to write to his mother every week.


That is not the point in question.

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I tried to write down everything he said.

Nobody knows her.

Nearly 80 percent of the land is mountains.

After all, the play wasn't so bad.

Nathaniel wiped his face.

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I doubt that Bertrand had to sell his car in order to raise money for medical expenses.

I know things you don't know.

That meeting couldn't have gone any worse.

Deserting your dessert is a crime.

I haven't fixed that yet.

The dog next door kept barking all night.

Let's quit talking about this.

Dewey ordered a beer for himself and a gin tonic for Johnathan.

I don't want anybody writing about me.

Sylvan has been in prison for three years.

There is a stranger in the meeting room.

How did you get it?

The matter is under investigation.

Kamel spoke to me last night.

The old man lost his will to live.

This is a highly recommended restaurant.

I considered it a life or death matter.

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Do you have anything particular in mind?

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Saad looked up when he heard approaching footsteps.

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This sentence is composed of forty-five letters.

Please enjoy a calm time in a relaxed atmosphere beauty salon.

Did you get a sunburn? The tip of your nose is completely red.


Alberto paid.

Charlie recognized Hugh right away.

The public is entitled to information about how public money is spent.

I wonder if I should answer his letter.

Everything he's saying is slander.

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ls the news good or bad?


We're going to try to do that.

Many authentic nobles did not have a nobiliary particle in their names.

Who told you to buy that for me?


Three people were stabbed on Park Street last night.


That politician is full of ambition.

Have you seen her yet?

It is interesting to make friends with a foreigner.

A good password should be difficult to guess, but easy to remember.

I'm not working.

Valerie, put your money away. I'm paying this time.

She could solve the problem, and so could I.

That was the last time I saw him.

Nothing unexpected happened.

I have to go home a little early today.

I have a question for them.

Oslo is the most populous city in Norway.

Don't apply that nickname to me.


She has traveled in foreign parts.

Let's leave the decision to our teacher.

Bryan didn't mention why he was looking for Sofoklis.

A bee sting can be very painful.

Were you able to open up and talk?

He buys and sells leather goods.

Can you get at the meaning of this passage?

My luggage is in the boot.

The rail-line was carried under the Tsugaru Strait to Hokkaido.


We derive further pleasure from our study.


Salad forks are smaller than dinner forks and are placed further from the plate.


Could you give this to me?

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I have lost the case after all.

In case of fire, do not use the lift.

Miriamne has excellent shorthand skills and works as a hansard reporter in parliament.

I came from Iran.

Two is the only even prime number.

I have no one to play with.

I don't remember Malaclypse working here.

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A legal kiss will never equal a stolen one.

Frances insisted on speaking.

This is the last call for Flight 333 to Boston.

I think he was rich.

What Naoto really wanted was a new car.

The lock itself is a normal cylinder lock so it doesn't automatically lock when you shut the door.

Telephone booths are as scarce as hen's teeth around here.


I don't know when I will be back.

It's not a gimmick.

Everybody knew that.

He isn't as old as my brother.

Sooner or later, I'll have to stop doing this.


My father was, I think, a little drunk then.

Jon wants a new bicycle.

She knew better than to tell him such a story.

This new machine is much better than that old thing we had.

Jinny is completely correct.


England are about to win the Ashes.

Working in a society gives women both hardship and achievement, but the daily chores at home don't seem to give them fulfillment.

Rahul used to play soccer.

I'd like to know what's happening here.

She is old enough to hold a driver's license.

We have to get you out of here.

I brought one just in case.

Moran smiled back at Ellen.

I asked him for advice.

Aaron and Jarvis don't seem to really talk to each other very much.

Galen didn't do a very good job cleaning the kitchen floor. It's still dirty.

Daren pretended not to be listening.

The majority of people marry sooner or later.

I know that Rees is pretty.

He visits me every time he comes to Tokyo.


Look as I might, nowhere could I find my lost watch.

Try to smile.

He is not a good student, to say the least.


Vernon wasn't his usual self today.

They declined to publish my book.

Be fair.

Betty challenged me to a game of tennis.

They're probably already dead.

You shouldn't lie to him.

Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.


Why is there a dog in our house?

The cat was curled up asleep.

What country has the absolute advantage in the production of corn?

Be careful not to tamper with it.

Kylo was trying hard not to laugh out loud.

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It's all up to me to save the day.

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I got wet to the skin.


Take care not to fall.


Lori stomped out of the room.

There's nothing happening.

I didn't like my teacher.

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The door is made of wood.

Woody doesn't have a whole lot of time.

I've decided to become a scientist.

Please excuse me for calling you so early in the morning.

Be especially careful of ice on overpasses and bridges while driving in the winter.


Tell me where you've been.

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Children play in the yard.

They hurried away.

The rabbit is eating the carrot.


I know you have to go back to Boston.

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Kimberly will find out.

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It depends on whether or not we are able to get tickets.

I hope to retire from work when I'm 60 years old.

You should stay away from people like that.

I'll ask how to get there.

Do you need help moving?

You think you got me pegged, don't you Sangho?

We got a powerful tool.