This is the key for the box.

Would you like to hear the parrot talk?


I asked Phill if he needed more money.


When Aunt Christie passed away without making a will, her death was a total loss.


One of these days is none of these days.

Michelle always complains that Ram doesn't drive fast enough.

Christmas is a magical time of the year.

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I do not feel like drinking beer tonight.

My sister and I are different in every way.

The popularity of a web site depends on its content.

I'll have to let you know.

I'm an eleventh grader.


Trust is risk, and risk avoidance is the name of the game in business.

I don't know how, but you did it.

"Doesn't it seem to you that German is a very difficult language?" - "Yes, I think it is very difficult."


Eddy didn't hear Betty.


That's a change.

It's amazing how little time Pablo spends with his children.

I'm lonely without you.

Here's a book for your mother to read.

He said, "Leave me alone."

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They're upset.


His webpage is in Esperanto.

We're sneaky.

I said be quiet!


Vivek is a cave diver.

I'd like to fly from Miami to Chicago on on American Airlines arriving around 5pm.

He kicked the bucket.

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Dylan's family has house in the mountains.

Why can't I have a dog?

Our child seems to be brilliant. Of course, we may be prejudiced.

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My answer is yes.

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He was so intent on money-making that he had no time to think of anything else.

Jay and Ricky often take walks together.

It was loud.


That doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful.

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He gave me money as well as advice.


I think we're safe now.

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Not knowing what to say, I remained silent.

Don't fell the young trees.

Victoria regularly feeds his chooks grit to enhance egg production.


Between friends all is common.

The train will be twenty minutes late.

Sanjay's book is very interesting.

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A good brandy completes a fine meal.


Now we're getting somewhere.

Are they coming, too?

She's got terrible handwriting.


The street, lined with trees, provided a vista of the sea.

Half the pain of chest waxing is in the anticipation.

I wouldn't ask Heinrich to do anything that he doesn't really want to do.

Let's not let this happen again.

I congratulated him on his success.

Sridharan didn't talk to the police.

Jos gave us everything we needed.

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A miser hoards money not because he is prudent but because he is greedy.

Ritalynne went to answer the door.

I am very lucky to have friends who care about me.

My mother was once a champion swimmer.

It's awfully dangerous.


Beckie has a valid point.

They're at it again.

Pope Francis will return to Rio in 2016.


We'll help you do that.

Shuvra, I'm scared we're going to get in trouble.

Marija bought a microscope.

Tollefsen kicked Socorrito in the stomach.

I might talk to them.

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We have breakfast in the kitchen.


Shaw always wanted to visit Rick, but he never had the chance.

The dress suit you very well.

Each bureaucrat has their own idiosyncrasies as to what papers they will require from you. To be safe, bring all the papers you can, and then get the ones that you can't. Even then, you will be at their whim.

The pidgeons of Boston are fat and proud.

Police are seeking witnesses to a road rage incident at the weekend, in which a man had his windscreen smashed by a woman wielding a baseball bat.

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Stand up when you talk to me.


Time you've enjoyed wasting was not wasted.

I often see him taking a walk in this neighborhood.

Ruth invited Julianto to the party, didn't he?

We're changing it.

I don't feel so hot today.


Please keep it a secret.


Nils poured some apple juice into a glass.

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They brought solid fuel with them.


I knew it was Bucky.

You want to know what happened to me, don't you?

How long do I have to stay here?


"Don't look alike do you?" "That's because we're fraternal twins."

I feel a lot better now, but I know Dad's going to be real upset.

He's different.

Do you know where to find him?

What on Earth is this?


I am translating an article.

After I had planned everything I went on a trip.

Manny didn't care about that anymore.

A dreary landscape spread out for miles in all directions.

You can stay up late if you want.

I like to make my clothes last as long as possible.

Jeffery dreamed of becoming a successful businessman.

I'm seriously considering getting married.

I think doing that would be a big mistake.

I can't stay with my arms crossed!

I met up with Samuel earlier today.


I don't want them to find me.


I'm sure you've met Mitch.

When will we meet?

Stephe was startled by the noise.

Galileo Galilei is one of the most famous astronomers in history.

A monster lay on a rock near the top of the mountain.

I didn't see the accident.

Are you dyslexic?

Let's call a bus.

Not feeling well, I stayed home all day.

Marci can run faster than me.

He didn't have enough money to ride home on the train.


Why would I want to go there alone?

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Harris scrunched down.

This caterpillar will become a beautiful butterfly.

The Grand Canyon at sunrise was the most impressive sight that I had ever seen.

It's a kinda ridicule unnecessary fibonacci-syllabic-heap.

She is also writing a book.

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I like having friends in every country.

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Let's leave the matter as it is for the present.

Panzer put something in Orville's drink.

The tree was so happy she could hardly speak.


My sister is a famous singer.

We all have one vote.

The godmother wished the ship at the christening, among other things: "May there always be enough water beneath your keel!"

I asked Irvin not to call late at night.

Wilmer and Raja are playing tennis now.

Are you able to buy a ticket after boarding the train?

I want you to handle it.

What choices do we have?

Peace be with you!

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Riding your bike on a path along a river surrounded by forests is really uplifting.

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Harv spent a very enjoyable hour watching his grandson playing on the equipment at the shopping mall playground.


He worked as hard as any man in the village.


Olson told me that I was thirty minutes late.

Nobody is speaking.

He has worked in Hanoi before.

A drop of mustard fell and stained my tie during lunch.

I think it's very like a Picasso.

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In contrast with you, I am able to recognize my mistakes.

The Tanakas are visiting us this afternoon.

It's too much of a nuisance.

Would you pass the salad?

I like to play tennis. What sport do you like to play?

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My eldest son is studying right now.

I can win. I'm sure of it.

The squirrels jumped from branch to branch.

This book is sold here.

Horst and Dylan have recently started dating.

Answer as soon as possible!

Stand aside!