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In what month were you guys born?

Carter has good communications skills.

They're everywhere!

Ami had another beer.

We have a good government and all the people have the freedom.

You have cleaned your shoes, haven't you?

I tried to get him to stop.


Do you have guests for dinner?

I didn't know how to do that.

We can't trust what she says.


Golden reins do not make a better horse.

I don't have a case for my glasses.

They say that water tanks made from asbestos can pose a health risk.

What's up with Damone?

She bought a new house the other day.


Dan parked the car behind Dimetry's house.

"Teacher, have you read this book?" "Of course."

Why is he asking me that question?

Freedom is very, very important.

Rand is on his way back home.


What do you want to watch?

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The man who stops learning is as good as dead.


Samir understands Geoff.


Mick can speak French better than Bonnie.

We've made way too many mistakes.

I'm offering you a deal.


Is it ok if you wait just a little while?

What do you believe of "pelmeni"? Nothing, I don't know such word.

I'm anemic.

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He wore a light blue tie.

Do you have a smoke?

Sorry! I mistakenly clicked on "Send" before I was finished.

He was at work till late at night.

Will you be seventeen next month?

I'm only three years older than he is.

Dan invited Linda to have a coffee with him.

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The barber has cut your hair very short.


I am in accord with his view.

I said let them go.

There is a suspension bridge ahead of us.


There are many questionable points in this ledger.

You're missing the bigger picture.

Are you fond of golf?

The scientist participated in developing high-voltage switches, a key component crucial for setting off explosions needed to trigger nuclear warhead.

The strangest thing is that I don't recognize anyone.

Let's not forget who Stu is.

She gave me something.

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Kirsten took a short cut.

Uri took a couple of eggs out of the refrigerator.

I'm tidy.

You'll have to be more specific.

I find this puzzling.

I'm the killer.

What a cheerful story!


I'm not completely satisfied with Valerie's explanation.

Happiness consists of good health.

I didn't vote for anyone.

I saw Fritz going into the bank.

We called to remind him lest he come late.

It made me nervous.

Chuck and Mah barely know each other.

Fans found guilty of bad behaviour will be fined and excluded from attending future matches.

There isn't as much rain this year compared to last summer.

You've lied about everything.

Clearly you are mistaken.

Pim and Old had a couple of beers.

Susumu and Margot are thinking about getting married.


A Mr. Brown came to see you when you were out.

Love is never without jealousy.

He submitted his resignation.

The fitting room over there is unoccupied.

I'm not freaking out.

Mexico is bordered on the north by the United States.

Morris filled his stainless steel coffee mug with coffee.


Why don't you go over to Arne's this afternoon?

I wonder if we can do it.

Were you speaking German?

My watch is running all right.

That's an easy one.

My sister plays piano every day.

When was the last time that you drank?


He lives in the city.


All the buildings on this block will be demolished.


Please sit down on this chair.


Just name a time and I'll be there.


Objection denied.


"What's in your cauldron?" "It's just soup!"

It's extremely important that we speak to Hubert.

Dan announced that he and Linda were getting divorced.

Icelanders can read old sagas, but the writing and context have changed so much that they don't understand what the texts are about.

She solved a case.

Shai was found murdered this morning.

And that is all that will really matter!

I'm going to go check on him.

My father bought me a bicycle.


Come what may, I am prepared for it.

You have to try to stay awake.

I'm busy now, but we can talk during lunch.

Try that on.

They hurried by without a glance.

I'll enjoy this.

Ken is tall, I am not.

You had better not wander around here by yourself.

I don't feel too tired.

Mr. Ford is all right now.

Antony pointed to each word as he read it.

I want a family.

That word is very difficult to translate.

I had to show Irving something.

Kinch shut the TV off.


It'll only take a minute.

I don't know what Sundaresan looks like now.

Rome abounds with relics.

Tell me the reason why she got angry.

I need time to think.

Are you ready to have fun?

We've been busy.


His story amused everyone.

You'd better wait until Hillary gets here.

Is it in the public domain?

His wife leads him by the nose.

Have fun on your trip!

Their mistake was thinking of themselves as centrality. Humanity is not the centre of the universe. The Earth is not the centre of the universe.

The temperature has been below freezing for several days.

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There will be a total solar eclipse tomorrow.


The loss of money made it impossible for him to go abroad.

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His name is well known to us.

I hope my dream comes true.

He has the reputation of being an incorrigible liar.

What will happen to our children if nuclear war breaks out?

I don't know what to do anymore.

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Saad advised Jerald to save a little money each month.


Coitus interruptus does not protect against STDs.

Why can't we just leave right now?

They're undamaged.


That's funny.

I want people to see it.

We sometimes make mistakes.

I am at a loss for what I have to say.

Hitoshi will be speaking at the dinner tonight.


The company replied that the directors' compensation was consistent with industry standards.

How many times have you seen "Matrix"?

I have grown dependent on my daily dose of caffeine.


They already have one.

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I am looking for you.

You're starting to sound like your father.

We three sisters opened a coffee shop.

They were singing the national anthem.

It's probably raining.

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She bought a dictionary for her sister.


I promise I'll never tell her.

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I like your sweater.


What actually happened is a bit different from what you said.

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You'll regret it someday.

What is the cat up to?

Walt's neighbours came to America right after living in Korea.

Hotta and Maria's little boy loves sitting on the kitchen floor banging pots and pans.

Terms of use may be changed without notice.


That's just so sad.