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Today’s India is fast progressing to achieve international standards in everything, healthcare is no exception. While the nature of illnesses may have changed a little bit over the past 50 years, treatment options have changed in big lot in the meantime. Many illnesses that went undiagnosed in the past, many illnesses that were considered incurable in the past are successfully treated today. Newer treatment methods make use of advanced, high tech, expensive, space required, difficult and expensive to maintain equipment. Often a patient needs doctors of different specialties to work together for effective treatment. Obviously, such advanced treatment options are sustainable in hospitals where a large number of patients can avail of the facilities.

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Medidoc (or Medidoc India) is a product by Sercidine Healthcare services private limited and is an effort to provide a digital platform to doctors and patients for quick, efficient consultation and automatic record keeping. Based on the long experience and observation of medical practice in India, our software is designed from the scratch to suit Indian medical establishments and patients. The fact that there was a paucity of healthcare-related software designed for Indian patients and doctors, provided the spark to embark on a mission to create software that is clutter free and useful for patients and doctors alike.

This application was conceived by senior doctors and young engineers, aimed at freeing doctors and patients from unnecessary paperwork, eliminating lost records and reducing the possibility of missed doses.

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