Fresh, Authentic Maine Seafood Shipped Overnight

At you can buy with confidence. All of our products are caught and handled right in Kittery, Maine. We work hand in hand with a small group of fishermen to bring the best products to the table for the best prices. We never buy from wholesalers and our products are guaranteed fresh.

Real Maine Seafood and Lobster from Kittery, Maine

We only use FedEx to ship our seafood. Everyday, FedEx comes to our headquarters and picks up the packages for that day. Within 24 hours, the products arrive at the customers doorstep. Our seafood is packaged in styrofoam containers, with either wet newspaper or seaweed and an ice pack. It’s guaranteed to arrive fresh and cold. This is hands down the best way to ship lobster and seafood. We spare no expense.

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Featured Products

Haddock Fillet
Haddock Fillet

Spice up that boring day at the office with a fried haddock sandwich! With our fresh haddock, you can prepare nearly endless recipes to satisfy your taste buds! As with the rest of our menu, we rely on our local … Continued

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Smoked Salmon
Smoked Salmon

Delicious salmon, fished right off the coasts of Maine, smoked to perfection. We don’t let our fish sit on ice for days on end like the other guys. It’s fished, cut, smoked, and shipped. Simple as that.

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Sale! Lobster Rolls
Lobster Rolls

Toast up a lightly buttered roll, pack our rich Lobster meat in there, and you’re done. Simple as that. If you’re feeling ambitious, try serving it warm with melted butter for an added taste.

5.00 out of 5
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Live Maine Lobster
Live Maine Lobster

Our rich Maine Lobster is pulled by our close friends in Kittery, Maine. Everyday at 4am they gear up and make their way out to their secretive spots. Trap after trap, they collect only the finest lobsters, always adhering to strict standards. The lobster is dropped off at our tanks where we package it up and ship it on out! Support the local fishermen while you enjoy the best Lobster you can imagine!

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