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ADE Design Build is a Maine-based, residential design build company providing design, construction and construction management services in the building and renovation of detached single family dwellings.

ADE Design Build works with architects, designers, engineers and other professionals and trades on projects large and small to meet our clients' needs.

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Marine Sound Control (MSC) is a full service acoustical control company that specializes in marine related acoustics.

MSC has extensive experience working on custom designed yachts, production boats as well as tugs and other commercial crafts.


RUBCO Products Company is a leading provider of marine and industrial hose and has been serving the market since 1963.

RUBCO provides its clients with competitive pricing, realistic turn around times and volume discounts all with the best service in the industry.


 ADE Development

ADE Development is a Maine-based company that provides a wide range of products and solutions. We specialize in marine, industrial and residential building applications. Our solutions and products (such as SoundShield™) have been successfully utilized since 1978 in a multitude of global settings ranging from paper mills to power plants to vessels of all sizes.

We provide creative problem solving capabilities and the highest commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction on projects from small to very large. We also have a strong ethical component that is inherent in all of our business practices.

ADE has actively looked to expand its range of customer solutions and services. An example of an ADE company is Marine Sound Control which is a full service acoustical control company that specialize in marine applications.

ADE will outsource to qualified, licensed professionals in their respective fields if and when the occasion requires. We will continue to develop and look to offer more of the highest quality integrated solutions to our customers.

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