TeaTally makes a fun game out of brew rounds at work.

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Make some drinks – Teas, coffees, whatever you like* – for your colleagues in the office.

*TeaTally doesn't discriminate against non tea drinkers. Coffee drinkers, hot chocolate drinkers, even beer drinkers are all welcome!


Sign in and take a note of who made and who received drinks using TeaTally's online app*.

*You can use the mobile version on your smart phone if you want to get your points quickly, just be careful not to spill boiling water on your phone (or yourself for that matter)!


Access & publish weekly, monthly, even yearly data on the tea making habits of your office!

Name & shame or reward & praise. TeaTally is happy to help end (or start) office disputes.

TeaTally makes it easy to track who is making and who is drinking the most drinks in your office.