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2", 3", 6", 1',and 2' Ground Picture Resolution Color Digital Orthophoto and Infrared

Our Digital Orthophotos are created by Gemini 167 LiDAR sensor or DTM Auto correlation techniques from stereo models captured at 60% forward and 30% side overlap before a thorough accuracy review.

Sample Images
   2" Image
     3" Image
     6" Image
     1' Image
     2' Image

Corona Riverside-1 Riverside-2 Orange County Phoenix Las Vegas Imperial Brea Escondido Chula Vista

  • Orange County, CA 2010 4 feet Contour Accuracy Lidar data is available
  • Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley, CA 1 foot Contour Accuracy Lidar data are available         

Color Digital
Orthophotos on Sale