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Filmpond is empowering the NSW Department of Education to transform the way teachers across the state share practice and success stories with each other and their communities. Sharing short films about great teaching and learning improves the educational outcomes for all students, and enables a real peer-to-peer platform for collaboration. Harnessing and surfacing stories that …

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We’ve just made sharing stories on social media easier and safer than ever before. Now you can post films instantly to Facebook and Twitter and include video image, title and description with just one click. Filmpond understands that amplifying stories on social media is important. We also understand that stories have a lifecycle.  That’s why …

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Culture. However important you think it is, you are underestimating its value

Culture is a well-bandied around term, often evoked by organisations to show all is well within. That’s because most people would agree that good organisational culture is a good thing. However, slogans, tokens and ‘pick and choose’ core values might look and smell like culture but will quickly look like lipstick on a pig – or …

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What a ride! In 2015 the NSW Department of Education launched our platform to help teachers share their practice through filmmaking across the six focus areas of the Great Teaching Inspired Learning framework. Today, we are proud to be launching Filmpond Collaborate across the state. More than 1,500 NSW teachers are already using the Filmpond platform to plan, …

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As organisations adapt to rapidly changing landscapes, it is little wonder that ‘transformation’ has become part of the lexicon of business. By definition, transforming an organisation requires change, and not the ‘moving the deck chairs on the Titanic’ sort of change but wonderful, unimagined change that binds, engages and unites people in ways that transcend expectations and delights. The …

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